How To Use Euzema Effectively

Dear Client,

First of all, thank you for making a purchase. This is Gary Tan, founder of Euzema Skincare. We are available on live chat app to consult you from eastern time 12am-12pm on weekdays. I want to make sure you are using it to get the maximum benefit. Here are the important guidelines when applying Euzema Confidence Revival Cream:


1.) You need to apply consistently twice every day for a couple months to recover your normal skin. It doesn't work like histamine or cortisone where you apply to calm the inflammation and then stop using. And it doesn't work like moisturizer where you have to apply plenty of it to feel moisturized. A thin layer to cover all the affected areas will do. You must patiently apply this like a course of treatment because it heals your skin bit by bit every time you apply. 

2.) Do not apply any other creams when you use Euzema cream. This will deteriorate the efficacy of our product. You don't even have to put on a layer of moisturizer before applying our product at all. Our product covers the effects of relieving itchiness, inflammation, and dryness all in one. 

3.) After at least 6 weeks of consistent application, you can try to scrub away those stubborn scars/stains while you take a shower. Apply some shower lotion and pressure when you scrub with your fingers. Never scrub when the skin is reddish and do not scrub every day. Once a week is good enough. This is the last step to get rid of your eczema. You must do this eventually.

4.) There's no short cut or magic to maintain a healthy. Cutting down bad habits such as late sleep, smoking, abusive drug or excessive alcohol is a must.

5.) Diet wise, we always recommend our users to avoid taking anything that contains gluten and egg for a couple months. If you know you're allergic to certain food, then it's best to avoid them too. Some people are allergic to certain food/object due to genetic inheritance.  

6.) Do we encourage taking injections or pills like anti-histamine, prednisolone, immunosuppressant? Absolutely not. In fact, it's not necessary to use any of them at all.   

7.) This treatment is averagely 2 months for mild eczema, 3-5 months for moderate eczema, 5-8 months for severe eczema. Some factors that may affect your recovery progress: Your age, past medication, current health condition and lifestyle. 

8.) Please keep this remedy in the fridge after and before usage. And don’t expose it to hot temperature or else it will lose its effectiveness. Room temperature is fine.

9.) What you saw on the videos are real and it really took us A LOT of effort to get there.  To recover fast and steadily, you MUST drink enough water, eat healthy and exercise regularly. The lady (Elaine) in the video was recovering pretty slow in the first 2 months (sometimes on and off), until I had to keep nagging her to exercise. Then she finally did her exercise and she started to heal a lot faster. 


So please be cooperative, so that you get what you want.  If you need any help or guidance, just send us an email with picture attached to We will personally consult and guide you to reach your goals eventually.  


Looking forward to receiving your feedback. Have a great day!


Gary Tan

Founder of Euzema

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