What is Eczema? 

Eczema, also known as atopic dermatitis, is a skin condition in which the skin appears to be dysfunctional and patches of the skin become rough, dry and inflamed with blisters causing itching and bleeding. 

Eczema can occur in children or adults, but it’s getting more and more common among children age 10 and below. When eczema occurs, it’s usually at folding parts of the body and it can easily spread when you scratch it and have wounds on your skin. Certain patches and wounds, which refuse to heal, can develop into hives that constantly bleed and drain pus. 

The condition can lead to insomnia and depression due to itchiness at night. During a flare up, the skin will become red and flaky and it can be extremely painful when the skin is contacted. For example, this sensitive condition can make it difficult to take a shower. 

Eczema can be categorized into a few types. Below are some of the most common types along with corresponding case studies:

Nummular Eczema Case Study​

Nummular/discoid eczema is a chronic condition that produces coin-shaped spots on the skin. These spots are often itchy and may ooze or become crusty. 

Before using our product, Ethan had numerous red blotches on his hands, face and legs. It was difficult to heal those patches because pus was always coming out of them and making the wounds wet and sticky. To make matters worse, if the wounds stuck to clothing, they would expand as he stretched around. 

After using Euzema™, the wounded areas dried up and the pus was expelled. The patches slowly turned back to his original skin color – going from reddish to pinkish and then to whitish before his handsome brownish skin color returned. 

After the first month: 

After 2 Months                              After 4 Months

Atopic Toddler Eczema Case Study 

Atopic eczema is the most common of the many types of eczema that causes intense itching and then a red, raised rash. It’s common in children but can occur at any age. Atopic eczema is chronic and tends to flare periodically and then subside. 

Many parents mistakenly think mild rashes are just random teething milk rashes. This may be true for certain cases, but if the condition lasts and is not well taken care of, the rashes can develop into eczema. 

Audrey’s red and severe rashes occur mostly on the folded parts of the skin as you can see. They could only be controlled with moisturizer and steroid cream for a short period of time. After that, they would come back again and again. 

The worst part was the intense itchiness the rashes caused. The itchiness troubled her at night and scratching was the only way to get some sleep. Unfortunately, her skin became more vulnerable as she scratched constantly. Hence, the irritation grew whenever it was hot or when she sweated. 

With the help of our remedy, she managed to get her healthy skin back. She hardly got any flare-ups, even in hot weather. Her skin became more resilient and the texture returned to normal without any unnatural discoloration. 

Atopic Eczema Since Birth Case Study​

It’s really a dreadful challenge having to bear eczema for over 10 years. Imagine all the inconveniences and hassles the whole family has to go through. Well, that was the case with a young girl who had severe, ultra-sensitive atopic eczema for a large part of her childhood. This eczema was highly resistant to treatment and no matter what the family tried nothing provided long-term relief. 

Most of the treatments only made the condition worse, causing the girl’s skin to sting and the inflammation to grow worse and spread to other body parts. 

So we tried our best to help this girl. It took months before we could help her to establish a more stable and sustainable skin condition. Initially, her raw skin dried up and the skin started to peel off. Slowly, after the deep detoxification inside, she began to grow new, vibrant skin. 

After using Euzema™ the itchiness stopped and revived her presentable fair skin which is what the girl deserved. Despite the occasional mild flare-up, her eczema is now manageable without any medication. 

Eczema Herpiticum Success Story​

Eczema herpeticum is an eczema type with disseminated viral infection characterised by fever and clusters of itchy blisters or punched-out erosions. 

Eczema herpeticum can be deadly in some cases. Patients with a weak immune system or poor diet can suffer a serious outbreak and virus infection. If that’s the case, the patient has to take an antibiotic injection to kill the virus first before we can start the healing process with Euzema

Sarah’s condition is not the severe type, fortunately. But these blisters are very stubborn and tough. She had tried steroids and anti-histamines but to no avail. They only managed to suppress the rashes for a couple weeks. After that, they came back. 

Then she decided to discontinue her conventional medicine and try our natural remedy instead. The result was promising as she saw the blisters vanish and hardly felt any itching. Also, the dark marks that she had also began to disappear so she didn’t need to apply anything else at all.

Adult Eczema Seborrheic Case Study ​

Eczema seborrheic is a common skin condition that mainly affects the scalp. It’s also known as cradle cap for infantile seborrheic eczema. It causes flaky scales, red skin and stubborn dandruff. Seborrheic eczema can also affect oily areas of the body, such as the face, upper chest and back. 

Compared to other eczema conditions, seborrheic eczema is considered the least severe. Azlin, just like any female sufferer out there, was very annoyed by her seborrheic face eczema. Putting makeup on to cover up her flaky skin was the most stressful and frustrating part. Why? Because of her sensitive skin, any cosmetics could trigger a flare-up at anytime. 

Therefore, she could only put light makeup on for important events. For all other instances her sole choice was moisturizer. Cosmetics and fanciful skin care products were definitely a no-no for her. 

Until one day she found us.  Within a few applications, her flaky skin started to clear up. The redness subsided by 34% and continued to improve after that. The texture of her skin is no longer rough and certainly looks more natural. Cosmetic usage is still not advisable after recovery. But of course, once the skin is stable enough, you can apply cosmetics once in a while (if needed). 

“I was concerned if this product would work well on my skin. And yes it worked perfectly! Euzema has fixed my problem. No need to pay more for eczema treatment (sounds good) 😉 So amazing! I feel more confident, clean, comfortable and good.” 


Pompholyx Eczema Case Study ​

Pompholyx/dyshidrotic eczema is a type of eczema that causes tiny blisters and cracked skin to develop across the fingers, palms of the hands and sometimes on the soles of the feet. 

Mr. Choo is one of our few patients who suffered from this form of eczema. Imagine just holding a pen being a big issue for someone, well that’s what can happen with this condition. It can make regular work extremely difficult because pompholyx cracked skin is chronic and painful.

Besides using our product to treat his eczema, we also advised him to avoid washing his hands and legs with commercial lotions/soaps. Most of the commercial toiletries contain chemicals which can make your skin dry over time and trigger eczema. The best recommended toiletries contain pH 0. 

If you are washing the dishes or doing household chores that are going to expose you to harsh chemicals, then it’s highly recommended that you wear a pair of latex gloves. Try your best to avoid contact with any detergent. 

Eventually, Mr Choo’s blisters healed and his cracked skin became moisturized again. He witnessed first-hand how his cracked skin slowly turned normal and the bleeding stopped. 

There’s no shortcut. According to our experience, pompholyx eczema sufferers will take time to heal even though the affected areas are limited. To speed up the recovery, heed the advice above and let the cream stay on your skin for at least 15 minutes before you start your day. 

Contact Eczema Case Study​

Contact eczema is a reaction that can occur when the skin comes in contact with irritants that can cause skin inflammation. Irritants are certain substances that cause burning, itching or redness. 

Mr. Tan’s case is something we can all learn from. Contact eczema can be triggered by contact with chemicals, animals, plants and more. Mild cases can be easily controlled and eliminated using normal pharmaceutical cream. But the severe type requires deep cleansing of the area infected by the microbial allergen, just like with Mr. Tan’s eczema. 

The microbial infected his mild wounds and it developed into contact eczema with fungus, which he didn’t realize. It was devastating as his wounds expanded rapidly and totally out of his control. 

After applying the creams bought from doctors and the pharmacy, his wounds and the fungus were hardly suppressed. The wounds were red, inflamed and itchy. Out of possible solutions, he grabbed our natural remedy to try. 

His infected areas started to heal after a few applications. The heavy toxin that had accumulated was significantly reduced as you can see. It faded becoming light pinkish in color after being a dark red purple color. 

Since then, his skin pores have also vigorously regrown one by one in the infected areas. If you’re suffering from severe eczema, you’ll probably notice a lot of your skin pores have simply vanished. Having no skin pores on your skin surface is an obvious sign of unhealthy, defective skin. 

Varicose Eczema Case Study​

Varicose eczema is a long-term skin condition that affects the lower legs mostly and is common in people with varicose veins. It is also known as venous eczema, gravitational eczema and stasis eczema. The condition is often caused by poor blood circulation. 

Miss Missi’s nephew developed mild eczema on his thigh. The primary symptoms were dry and cracked skin. 
He had no idea that what he had been suffering from for so long was varicose eczema until we took a look at his case. He was fortunate because it deteriorates very slowly and is very mild. 

His thigh eczema recovered back to normal after using Euzema™ Cream. He was very thrilled with the results as he can now sit down without any discomfort. 

The dark stains are still fading and it will take a little time to resurface his fair skin again. Our advice for varicose eczema sufferers is exercise regularly not just to improve blood circulation but also for your overall health as well. 

Xerotic Eczema Case Study​

Xerotic/asteatotic eczema is a type of eczema which has an appearance that looks like cracked porcelain. Some may relate its appearance to a dried-up riverbed pattern. Basically, the whole skin texture is dry, cracked, polygonal fissured with irregular scaling. 

Amy was troubled by her foot xerotic eczema. And since the inflammation was raging, she could only apply steroid cream to relieve her discomfort. Otherwise, it would have been a hassle for her to wear pants. 

Normally, sufferers with eczema especially on the legs are concerned that jeans/pants could hurt their sensitive skin. The truth is once your eczema skin is weeping or watery wearing rough clothing material like jeans could easily damage your skin. 

The same situation applies to foot eczema when you wear shoes. Many sufferers might think the best approach is to avoid physical contact or putting pressure on the affected areas but that’s almost impossible to do unless you don’t step a foot outside the door. 

No matter how much steroid cream or moisturizer Amy applied, her skin remained vulnerable and her eczema flared-up and she suffered from new outbreaks. The only solution was to regenerate a layer of healthy skin while getting rid of the toxin. 
She applied our remedy and the inflammation ceased rapidly. After the healing process, her original skin tone and texture was revived. Healing wasn’t just on the surface, the skin tissue was also comprehensively healed. 

In the end, you can clearly see her legs are eczema-free with beautiful skin tone. She is able to maintain her skin condition without steroid medication now. 

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