How I Went From Suicidal To Helping 10,231 Eczema

Sufferers Worldwide By The Age of 25

- Gary Tan

It all started one day with some minor rashes on my legs that
really didn’t bother me…


I thought maybe they were just a skin allergy or maybe a heat rash after eating seafood.

“Never mind, they should go away very soon.” — I thought.

And they DID vanish without me doing anything.


Life was perfect.


I was partying like crazy.

I was a star basketball player.

I had my first love. I danced, I swam, I travelled.


Considered to be as one of the cool guys in high school.

I was constantly surrounded with people. People were talking about me and they looked up to me.

Life really couldn’t have been any better.

Until the day...

I got a sudden flare up on my entire body.


It freaked me out — TOTALLY!


In an indescribable panic state, uncontrollably shaking…

Rushed to the nearest hospital with my heart beating so loud that I thought it’ll explode in my chests by the time I’d get there.




As you can probably guess…


The good doctors in the hospital calmed me down, and after I came to my senses, they told me I have eczema — a skin condition.


… sending me home with a bag full of creams.


They were moisturizing and mild steroid creams.

I quickly applied the creams, and thank goodness the rashes cleared out in just a few days (faster than I thought they would!).


But after that, my skin became different.

It was always dry and covered with flaky rashes…


So, I was advised to moisturize daily and apply a steroid when there’s inflammation.

It seemed to be well under control for a couple months but then one day...

It just got out of hand!

This time, it didn’t just freak me out, I became horrified of the condition of my skin.

It became swollen, weird looking, and gosh… I can’t even describe how bad it was!


The wounds and hives spread like wildfire all over my body.

My parents rushed me to the hospital and the doctor immediately give me shots.


They also prescribed me some medicine.

As you could probably guess, the medicine was anti-histamines.


... more moisturizing creams and even more steroid creams.


It was from this day onward that my health began to go down…

I was always sick...

As I continued with my treatments my skin was getting worse — every single day.

But I was not losing hope.


I was not giving up!


And I went from one specialist to another.

… to yet another.


In the beginning, the doctors would always comfort me by saying things like “don’t worry son, you’re young, you will outgrow your eczema soon’’.

But years passed and nothing changed...

And I started to lose my patience.


I started to ask questions…


How come my skin wasn’t improving even a little?

I had been taking so much medicine, I had been applying creams by the gallons!

(These were my steroid creams ranging from mild to 600 times potency)


I must be doing something wrong, I thought…

So, I started to do some research...

And I found out some VERY interesting things that no one had told me before!


I found out that the creams I was using were causing side effects — a lot of side effects.


But one of the “mild” side effects, which is the most common known side effect of a steroid cream is skin-thinning.

This means, everytime we use a steroid cream to clear our inflammation, the cream thins out and weakens our skin.


Which is why the cream works temporarily, and why you need to use a stronger steroid cream after some period.


Which is exactly why the eczema will strike back again — this time even WORSE!


… and this vicious cycle keeps repeating over and over again.


No wonder my eczema kept coming back!


No wonder my skin was getting worse — instead of clearing out.


No wonder I was put on MORE creams, with MORE and stronger steroid substances in them.


… and then it hit me.


Like a ton of bricks!


How the heck are these creams even considered a “treatment”?

I confronted my doctors...

Some of whom are recognized as the best in the industry.


They explained to me that there’s no alternative solution to control eczema — they said: “there’s no cure for eczema”.


My life was shattered…


It was like a death sentence, and I had to live with this thing called eczema for the rest of my life!


I mean, really…

I just couldn’t believe the fact that an incurable disease had struck me!


And what was even more upsetting, is that the doctors prescribed something harmful (which is clearly not a long term solution) and still insisted that I continue with that treatment.


Based on so many studies, they sure know that steroids are harmful not just for the skin, but your overall health — which is why most doctors don’t even dare to apply a steroid cream to themselves.



WHY do they prescribe it to patients?!

I decided then and there, first of all, NO WAY I’M GONNA APPLY THIS STUFF TO MY BODY ANYMORE!


After all the disappointment, I quit conventional treatment and began to pursue a natural way of healing.

I believed that there was a cure for my condition outside of conventional medicine.


With iron will, I tried every highly recommended treatment and remedy that my friends, relatives, and internet blogs suggested.

I tried it ALL!



My skin became so awful.

So sensitive that even contact with water would make it sting.


I can’t even explain how difficult and utterly PAINFUL it was to shower...


If I was lucky, I could finish my shower in an hour.


But I continued…

I had no choice but to try everything.


You name it, I’ve tried it:

- Aveeno

- Aloe vera lotions

- Salt baths

- Wet wrapping

- Apple cider vinegar

- Vegan diet

- Alkaline water

- Acupuncture

- Probiotics

- Herbs and teas

- Vitamin A to E

- Home remedies

- Every different brand of so called ‘natural’ moisturizing cream


I’ve had a whole shelf of moisturizing creams — I kept buying a product after product.


Oh, I was desperate…


And to be honest, some actually worked for a while.



My eczema came back even WORSE!

I developed a true love/hate relationship with moisturizing creams.



Because whenever I applied it, it didn’t help my skin much.

But when I didn’t apply it, my skin would become so dry I could see cracks like in the desert!

After so much struggle, I was still back at square one.


I was relying on moisturizing creams to get little to no relief.


There was a time my family was so worried and desperate, that we even tried what I can simply call a ‘faith healer.’


It’s ridiculous I know.

But at the time I felt like, what choice do I have left?


I’ve tried everything under the sun, and nothing worked — so out of sheer desperation, my family took me to see a ‘faith healer.’


I swear, I can’t even make this stuff up…


The shame, the ridicule, the depression and the hopelessness that I felt...

I started crying at night…



My eczema had me feeling like my life is over.


… and that I couldn’t do anything about it.


It was pain I was going through physically every single day and night — but the worse was actually the mental torture.


I hardly slept at night.

The itching drove me crazy!


I would wake up in the middle of the night, over and over again, to scratch myself.

I just couldn’t find relief.


It was only by scratching that I could manage the itchiness and get a little rest. But every time before I could fall asleep tight again, then the sun would be up and shining.


I was only 17.


Now my eczema started to affect my studies and exams…

I became a walking zombie...

Stress and insomnia kept piling up.


I felt I had no choice but to take sleeping pills — which sounds so insane to me now.


And now, not only did eczema affect my studies, but I completely lost my confidence and

I started to isolate myself from the crowd, because I felt self-conscious and embarrassed by my ugly appearance.


I hated myself.


I became so antisocial that I began to hide in my room trying my best to avoid all human contact. If I ever had to go out, everywhere I would go I would cover myself up to prevent people from noticing my red ugly skin.


Sometimes, even when nobody stared at me, I’d still suspect that there was someone behind me — making fun of me.


I became delusional, grumpy, getting deeper and deeper into depression.


… in the end, I screwed up my final exams.


I lost my joy, passion, my sense of humor, my purpose and bright future — I’ve lost hope.


On the other hand, I was also affecting my family’s finances.


… I became a burden.

My Family Spent Over 5 Figures On My Eczema Treatments!

Can you imagine having a sick child and the whole family relies solely on the mother’s small earnings as a tailor?


This was our situation…


I was the sick child and my two siblings were still in school.

Being the eldest son, I felt like I was nothing but a BURDEN to my family.


I felt helpless and absolutely useless for wasting too much of their energy, time and money as they helped me search for a solution.


Steroids, drugs and moisturizing creams were useless on me.

I’d also failed to find an alternative remedy to cure my eczema and make things right.


And now my eczema totally went out of control and spread virally.


My skin color turned from red to dark purple, and I developed deep raw wounds all over my body.


Now it looked like my skin was rotting.


It was so madly disgusted that I could barely look at myself.


… and I gave up.


I was exhausted.


My mind and my body gave up the will to battle anymore...

I wholeheartedly surrendered...

I felt my end is on the corner, and I just wanted to leave this world in peace.


But my mom…


She was still hugging me and telling me that she wouldn’t give up on me!


Even though she was all beaten up and tired from the daily work and chores, she’d stay up almost every night to gently massage my skin and comfort me, just so I could sleep a couple of hours better.


She helped me to get treatment when I was limping.


… she just wouldn’t give up and wouldn’t let me give up either.

I stumbled across a Chinese master

We heard about a man, an old Chinese master who lived in a small remote village.


Someone told my mother about this person.

But, more importantly — what he had.


I thought great, more fairy tales...


Allegedly he had an old secret recipe which he’s inherited from his ancestors, that could help me regenerate my horrifying skin.

Now the skin on my hands and legs looked like a skin of a demon in a horror movie!


But despite my terrible condition — I said NO!


I’m not going to see this village man, or ANY other ‘holy people’ out there.

The experience we had with the ‘faith healer’ previously, not only that he didn't help me a tiny bit, I was left to feel bitter with so much shame and insult to my intelligence for falling for it in first place.


But my mother…


The despair in her eyes…


Her tears…


That day when I told her NO, I saw the despair in her beautiful eyes.



They were no longer beautiful...

Because of me.


Because of my stupid skin condition!


She’s suffered even more than what I was going through.

Actually I realized that SHE was the one doing everything for me, supporting me financially, emotionally, doing chores all day long…


And still at the end of day and all that madness, she would find the strength to do one more thing for me — and never complained or lost her temper, not even once.




We went to see the Chinese master who lived in a small remote village.


… I thought, this is the very least I could do for her.

… she’s suffered if not more than I did.


And when we got there, the things he shared with us…

Changed everything I knew about eczema!

He said:

“Listen, eczema is a kind of a dermatoxin.


Soaking your skin either with traditional medical creams or natural remedies, which don’t contain ingredients that fight against it’s toxic root — they’ll never help you, no matter how much you apply.


And to treat a toxic skin disorder, you have to neutralize it with a toxin-like tonic mixture.


Just like when you treat a snakebite using antivenom — you need an antidote.


That’s how you heal”

That’s when it hit me!

Everything seemed to make a weird sense when I looked back at my past medication and it explained why the moisturizing and steroid creams didn’t work.


They are not an antidote!


Because they were just suppressing eczema by making my skin thinner — as they don’t fight the root cause.


However, still...

His weird remedy mixture sounded just too good to be true.


Plus the recipe requires to use Realgar — an arsenic containing mineral naturally created by mother nature.


Now I was really skeptical, as nothing worked, in fact it only made my skin from bad to absolutely terrible.


But I was intrigued…


So I went and did a thorough research, investigating EVERYTHING I could find about it.


And what I found out is that in Ayurveda — the ancient Indian holistic medicine…

(massage, meditation and yoga come from Ayurveda)


And as well in traditional Chinese medicine, people have been using this method to treat eczema amongst a variety of other skin conditions, in the past 2,400 years!


So, ok…

Now I was a bit LESS sceptical...

But so what?

This didn’t mean it’s effective — especially for people with severe eczema.


… just like in my case.


My eczema at that time was so bad even the best doctors couldn’t do a single thing about it.


So what gave this old Chinese villager the confidence and the courage to suggest that his ancient ointment could help me?


Possibly even clear my eczema and regenerate my skin?


… am I getting myself into, yet another scam and failure?


Or is his ancient recipe REALLY going to work?


To be honest, I said no thank you — I just didn’t want to go through yet another failure.


Beside, now I was kinda numb to the physical pain, but emotionally… I just couldn’t go through it.


But the despair and hope in my mother’s eyes...

As she calmly spoke my name, I looked at her tired face and I saw a spark of hope in her teary eyes.


I remembered...


I owe this to HER.

She deserves this!




Without ANY expectations, I just slapped the special mixture the old man told us to make, all over my arms and legs — and just went to bed with a completely numb mind.

My beautiful mom passed away in May 2020

I slept through the whole night WITHOUT ITCHING!

I woke up in the morning for the first time in YEARS, refreshed, with a full night of sleep!

I realized it’s because my itching didn’t wake me up during the night.


Now I was surprised, and confused. Both at the same time.


Did I become totally numb to my pain, or was it something else?

Was it really due to the old man’s miracle recipe?


It couldn’t be that easy… right...?


I mean, all these years of suffering, doctors, expensive treatments and creams…

And then all of a sudden I meet a total stranger in a Chinese village, tells me a couple of stories and a weird recipe… and now somehow I don’t feel the need to scratch my skin?


Well, there’s one way to find out if my mind is playing tricks on me, or not — to apply it again.


This time not only that I was excited, but I was more self observant.

About 90% of my itching disappeared
by the SECOND DAY!

My open wounds healed within 3 weeks!


And all my rashes started to clear up!


Holy moly…


This was such a surprise, it worked far beyond I could ever imagine!


My ugly scars began to slowly succumb and fade.

I could actually see my inner skin starting to regrow, which I never thought would happen in a million years!


The next thing I did...?


I walked down the streets like a completely new guy in town, my heart leaping with excitement, and wow — not a single person could tell that I had horrific eczema skin!


Heck, I didn’t even need to disguise and wrap myself up like a Christmas gift, before stepping a foot outside my house! 🙂

My life was transformed forever!

My mom was sooooo happy for me!


Even though my skin was going through an amazing recovery, I think her face transformed the most — she was absolutely shining again!


The entire family was now happy for me.


Oh, and my girlfriend Renee was happy as well.

I finally was able to rejoice with my girlfriend!


This was like a dream come true...

My one and only Renee

I regained my self-esteem and enthusiasm about LIFE.


… I never thought I would be able to reconnect with my friends.

… chase my dreams.

… and enjoy true freedom once again.


But it all started to happen, it felt like I was being reborn again!


I could now SWIM!

I could enjoy water and bathing!


And that’s not all, now I was also able to travel.


… whilst previously I’ve locked myself in my room, feeling “ugly” and unworthy to be around other people.

One day…

I came across two frustrated souls on the Internet

I was just browsing on Facebook, enjoying my freedom peacefully.

And as I was killing some free time on my phone, I bumped into these two lovely mothers in a Facebook post.


The were talking about their children having eczema.


And were asking a lot of questions, seeking for any answers and support — desperately...

As the treatments that they’ve tried, nothing worked for their children.


They were so much like my mother, I thought.


But… honestly…


I did not want to offer them help.


It’s not that I wanted to see them suffer… being an 18 year old dude at that time with no medical background — who the heck would even listen to me?


Moreover, there’s so many giant pharmaceutical companies on the Internet…

Who am I to even suggest something about an ancient recipe that I got from some old man in a small Chinese village?

Yes, my eczema was clear now

But they knew nothing about my situation…


I was just nobody to them…


But I remembered the pain, both physically and psychologically.

The nasty eczema wounds on my skin were all gone now, but the wounds on my “soul” were still there — the emotional pain was still there.



I felt compelled to at least share with these two mothers in need the story of my journey.


I thought, whether they try my discovery or not, it was their choice.


And so, I reached out to them and offered my sincere help.

Just as expected, they were very skeptical...



Due to their children's severe eczema condition and the fact that nothing else had worked, eventually they reached back to me and gave my remedy a try.




What do you know!

It worked for their kids just as it worked for me!

The shocking part is, two weeks later…


Their children’s recovery stories went viral on social media.


My gosh, suddenly all eyes were on me and I was in the spotlight in this eczema circle.


People from Australia, United States, United Kingdom, Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei and Malaysia FLOODED my inbox asking about this remedy, offering me a lot of money to buy it.


To tell you the truth, I panicked and I was nervous about the whole thing — this was so much pressure and stress now.


… so much so that I could hardly sleep!


I’m not a professional doctor.

I’m not a certified therapist.

And bottom line, I just want to live a NORMAL LIFE — to go to college like other dudes.

I did NOT plan to do this!

I just wanted to help these two mothers and their children — that’s it.


But they were so happy with their children’s recovery telling everyone around.

Which was great, I was so happy for their children as well.


But now…


Now I was “dealing” with eczema once again, only this time I was in the spotlight on the internet.


… and people kept sending me messages after messages.

… they kept coming.


Now I couldn’t concentrate on my dream, once again.


My dream was to become a savvy tech geek like Mark Zuckerberg — to build the next Facebook, or some software company.


But then…

Everything changed...

Once I helped those two mothers save their children
from eczema...

People started finding me and kept sending me messages on social media. Persisting to help them back.


They were going through the same stuff I once went through.

They were disappointed in conventional medicine — the stuff simply didn’t work on their skin.


… some were stuck at home, unemployed due to their eczema.

… some were hopeless lying on a hospital bed because of their eczema condition.


And this was pulling me apart in two directions.


To chase my dreams — and build a big successful software company.


… and ignore the people in pain.

… ignore the CHILDREN in pain.


Or, to do something about it.




After a lot of sleepless nights, after a lot of thinking back and forth...


I made my decision.


I just couldn’t ignore all those people anymore — all those children in pain.

Actually I felt obligated to help.


But, I thought I would do this just as a part time job.


… I still had my big dreams I wanted to chase and fulfil.


But I’ve decided to put them aside just for a couple of months.


Little did I know, this small action would spark a huge controversy in the whole eczema industry.

Pharmaceutical companies got REALLY angry with me

So what happened is, people stopped buying medications from the big pharma companies.

And the word about the success of my eczema remedy spread like a wildfire on the internet.


By the age of 22, I’ve personally helped over 2,492 eczema sufferers heal their skin condition.


And most importantly, without any prescription medicine, steroid creams and moisturizing creams — in less than 5 months on average.


Upon recovery, people would go to live their life without ANY cream (including my solution).


And because of that, some big pharmaceutical businesses have been losing their profits ever since.


As their products only treat the symptoms, never the actual cause of eczema.


And you need to buy their products — constantly.


This has enabled me to see what’s behind the curtain, the very dark side of the medical industry.


I mean, who would’ve thought a 22 year old nobody like me would trigger and agitate celebrity doctors and big pharmacies?


This was so shocking and overwhelming, as the attention got bigger and bigger…


Some of them even ridiculed me publicly to damage my reputation, attacking the product I’ve created — you may have heard in the news.

Yes, I Was On The Freakin’ News!

You see I was VERY naive…


I could’ve NEVER guessed that there will be people trying to put me down, just because I was sharing my personal eczema journey — and truly HELPING others treat their eczema naturally.


Not a single thought had crossed my mind that one day, some pharmaceutical CEOs and doctors, would ridicule, and attack the natural product I’ve created.


… until I heard my name on the TV.


My jaw dropped, I was completely stunned.




Now, I had learned the bitter truth that some of these people, who thankfully are just a couple of individuals, DO exist — and they will never appreciate natural products that don’t contain steroids.


These individuals are just people who’ve spent their entire life in expensive offices in tall buildings.


Not meeting a SINGLE eczema patient.


… let alone to GO THROUGH the pain and suffering of the disease.

… to have their bodies covered with unimaginably gruesome patches of skin.

… to feel in constant pain, day and night, both physically and emotionally.


They’ve never experienced the real pain and suffering of having eczema.


The deeper I understood the situation, the more upset I became.


But now I was faced with a serious risk of being sued by them, and have my life completely ruined — I was just a small ant to these people standing on their way.


To these rich pharma CEOs and doctors it’s all about having a total control of the industry.


And I can understand their thinking...


They don’t truly care for people suffering from eczema because they don’t get to see eczema patients — they just see numbers and statistics.


… as to them, it’s just a business game.

… that’s all they do in their offices and corporate meetings.


Once again, I was down and felt like a failure.

Feeling like a small ant facing against a giant in front of me.


It was time to quit — this time for good.


And I just couldn’t stop thinking at night…


All the messages I was getting from people…

“I can’t live in my skin any more!”

“Can you help me?"

"Can you help my child?”

Those words just haunted me...


So after a lot of sleepless nights...

I’ve made up my mind.


I’ve decided to fight back — but with LOVE.


I’ve decided not to put any attention or emotions to what some so called celebrity expert or pharmaceutical company would say about me.


Instead, to fight with love and integrity, for what I believe is right and what truly helps people.



I’m blessed to have so many people by my side supporting me through the ups and downs.


And also the inspiring recovery stories that I was getting every single day gave me the strength to continue — and not walk away…


NOT to turn my back to the people, to the young innocent children suffering from eczema.


So, despite all the hurdles and financial risks, with all the help and love I’ve got from so many people... I went ahead.


And I’ve never regretted it.

Forbes Magazine Featured Me As An Eczema Expert

And one day, there I was — with my picture in the prestigious Forbes Magazine!


So now, I’ve become “internationally famous”.


I just couldn’t believe my eyes — Forbes describing me in their article as an eczema expert!


Even today, I still can’t believe this has happened.


And even though I’m very honoured and thankful for this, the REAL accomplishment, and what truly makes me HAPPY is that by the age of 25…

I’ve helped 10,231 eczema patients

And this number is consistently growing day by day.


There were many, many struggles…


Many sleepless stressful nights…


But it was all worth it!


There were sooooo many transformational stories, from people of all ages and genders from all over the world.


And they keep coming every single day.

If you’re battling with eczema…

I would love to help you too, and share my discovery with you!


As I know exactly how it feels… I know exactly what eczema does to your body and mind.


… the shame you feel because of how terrible your skin looks.

… the unbearable itchiness that drives you crazy.

… the emotional agony and disappointment.


The lonely, lonely nights — I still remember them.


The hopelessness…


The empty promises…


I remember it all, vividly.


But it doesn’t have to be like that!


If you are currently in the same position as I was a couple of years ago, allow me to help you.


I don’t know about your situation at the moment, but my eczema condition was VERY severe.


And now…

It’s been more than 8 years since I’m 100% eczema FREE

Fully enjoying life.


Just like 10,231 other people that have used Euzema.


And if you’d like to…


STOP hiding and locking yourself at your home
because of eczema...

To go outside, in the fresh air and sun…


On the beach…

To be able to experience sand and water on your skin again…


To be with your friends and the people you love again...


I encourage you to try our Euzema solution.

Because I know it will help you regrow your once lost beautiful skin back.

To proudly walk on the streets again without worrying about being stared at by strangers.


And you know what?

They won’t even be able to tell that you’ve ever had bad eczema — guaranteed!


No one can tell that I’ve had it, despite I was a severe case.


… and I don’t even have a single scar whatsoever.


By the way, this is not an overnight cure — but Euzema does work!


I have to be honest and transparent with you.

It will take a couple of months for your skin to fully regenerate, as it will depend on how severe your condition is at the moment.


But the sooner you start using it, the better you’ll be living your life again!


As you’ll feel the relief in just after a couple of days.

Especially regarding the bad itching — trust me it’s going to feel soooo good!


But the best thing is that once your skin clears out and gets back to normal, you won’t need to continue using our Euzema product!




And your skin will still continue to glow.


I know you may be a bit skeptical, and I don’t blame you if you are.

As I too was mislead by people who never truly cared about my pain and condition.


So don’t take my word, and take a look at some of these amazing recovery stories from people after using Euzema.

Watch what this mom went through with her child’s eczema and their experience after they've tried the Euzema solution:

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